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We have access to the most modern fleets of OSV's
(offshore supply vessels)

There has been an over-capacity in the offshore marine service sector which has resulted in fleet operators having to dispose of excess vessels. This has resulted in a very favorable 'buyer's market' globally. We have established relationships with the premiere fleet operators and are very familiar with their equipment and able to negotiate favorable acquisitions for expedition yacht conversion.

Commercial vessels are built to rigorous materials and safety specifications and requirements of maritime classification societies, and these are applied globally.  U.S. commercial builders usually have a price advantage Northern European builders due to labor rates and social costs. While China has a distinct advantage over all other builders, we do not recommend their use for expedition yacht conversion.

Calm Sea
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U.S. Built

Calm Sea
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Many European fleet operators have adopted the Ulstein X Bow. The propulsion and power systems tend to be essentially the same internationally, includiung CAT power and RR/Kongsberg/ABB Azipods