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Extraordinary Capabilities
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Expedition Explorer Yacht Conversion
Expedition Explorer Yacht Conversion
Below are standard built-in attributes for commercial vessels working in the offshore industry. While most yachts spend most of their lives in secluded marinas, tethered to shore-power and away from extreme weather; offshore work boats must be able to stay at sea for months at a time, in extreme weather and sea conditions, relying on solid technology and proven systems that provide crews and passengers with a safe and comfortable environment in order to perform critical missions above, and below the seas.
Expedition Explorer Yacht Conversion

Standard Offshore Vessel

Spec includes:

  • Refined hull designs based upon extensive tank testing for stability, sea-keeping, operating efficiencies.

  • Deck-loading capacities and hull volumes are extraordinary allowing for new superstructure and incorporating expedition yacht equipment and custom facilities. 

  • Tankage allows for ocean-crossing range and long at-sea endurance.

  • Diesel-electric power combined with podded propulsion provide more efficient propulsion system, less pollution, increased operational efficiency, especially at slow speeds, and flexibility in locating machinery compartments, less noise and vibration.

    • Existing systems can easily be upgraded for hybrid operation with integrated battery systems, and next-generation fuel-cell and hydrogen systems.​

  • Azipod propulsion system

    • eliminates shafts to save space and reduce vibration 

    • Great maneuverability - the propeller can turn in all directions and enables superior crash maneuvering stop distance

    • Azipod can be placed below ship’s height and provide more efficiency than conventional systems.

    • two (or more) azipod systems, independent from one another, can be used to provide subtle maneuvering.

    • Side thruster's use is eliminated as pods can be used to provide side thrust.

  • Dynamic Positioning

    • Maneuverability is excellent; it is easy to change position.

    • Not dependent on water depth.

    • Quick set-up.

    • Allows access to environmentally protected reefs and sanctuaries

  • Vessels are classed for 25-40 passengers

    • upgraded HVAC for tropical operations​

    • State-of-the-art waste systems with long-endurance

    • Infirmary and medical facilities

    • Sate-of-the-art Navigation and Communications equipment

    • SOLAS, fire-safety, life rafts and all safety equipment to commercial class standards

  • Modular Adaptability for

    • Commercial Helicopter Ops including​

      • platforms​

      • refueling

      • hangars

    • Submersible and ROV operations

  • Galleys and Food Handling (refrigeration) set up for 24/7 operation and 30+ days endurance at-sea.

Available conversion upgrades

  • Additional accommodations

    • 12-18 en-suite guest suites​

    • Owner's deck with office, lounge, spa/gym, private decks

    • Staff, pilots and security cabins

    • extra office spaces

    • meeting rooms

    • cinema

    • Wellness features - gym with sauna, spa, salon

    • formal and informal dining

    • swimming pools and jacuzzis

  • Aircraft Capabilities

    • Heli platforms - multiple at all weight capacities​

    • re-fueling with fire systems

    • Hangars

  • Watercraft

    • Tenders from 20-60 feet (electric recharging avlbl)​

    • Overhead crane, I-beam or drive-in garages

    • Water toys - sea bobs, sea-doos, fishing gear

  • Underwater

    • Nirox and advanced diving​

    • Moonpool

    • Submersible and submarine operations

    • Decompression Chamber

  • Science and Research

    • Wet and Dry Labs​

    • Refrigerated Sample and Specimen storage

    • Wet Wells

    • ROV and AOV operations

  • Other Toys

    • ATVS's​

    • Snowmobiles

    • SUV's and other vehicles (with landing craft)

    • Motorcycles

  • Personal Security

    • Radar perimeter and FLIR​

    • Above and Below water video and sonar detection

    • Boarding ramp and access security

    • Safe room

    • Special equipment and services upon request.

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