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Hybrid Power Options

Hydrogen fuel, Methane Conversion,
Electric & Wind Power

Expedition Explorer Yacht Conversion
Expedition Explorer Yacht Conversion

Image Courtesy of Zestas.org

OSV Commercial vessels are ideal candidates for updating propulsion and ship systems with the latest zero emissions technologies, which surpass what the mainstream yacht industry is currently offering or achieving. The large hull volume can easily accommodate battery banks and additional electric drive motors. Capacity exists for methane, hydrogen and ammonia tanks, as well a methane-to-hydrogen converter plant. The broad beams and vessel stability of the open aft decks present the opportunity for installation of a number of fixed and retractable sail and wind energy solutions.

Integrated emission-reducing technologies support each other to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, creating complementary energy efficiencies.

Wind reduces energy requirements as well as allowing power to be brought back into the ships energy storage system (ESS). An extensive ESS allows power to be topped up under way, reducing bunkers, fuel costs and the volume of on board space dedicated to fuel storage, all but eliminating the cost and volume issues that are the biggest hurdle when considering green hydrogen as a marine fuel. 

Learn more about our available technologies here:

Energy Storage System (ESS) https://corvusenergy.com/products/corvus-blue-whale/






















BAE- https://www.baesystems.com/en-us/feature/a-quiet-revolution

Wartsila: Hydrogen- https://www.wartsila.com/media/news/05-05-2020-wartsila-gas-engines-to-burn-100-hydrogen-2700995

wind: https://zestas.org/technologies/

wind: https://smartgreenshipping.com/


Expedition Explorer Yacht Conversion
Expedition Explorer Yacht Conversion
Expedition Explorer Yacht Conversion
Expedition Explorer Yacht Conversion
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