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Expedition Explorer Yacht Conversion
Paul Madden presents
Expedition Yachts
For True Explorers
We specialize in the conversion of commercial and government vessels into global expedition yachts.
We source our vessels directly from fleet owners in Europe and the U.S. As 'Owners Rep' we handle all aspects of the design, purchase of vessel, shipyard bidding and project management.  We operate in Europe and the U.S.

  1. Typically 67 to 85 meters
    (220 ft - 280 ft)
  2. Range greater than 5,000 nm.​
  3. Endurance in excess of 30-days

  4. Steel Hull

  5. 12-15 knots cruise

  6. Diesel-Electric or Direct Drive

  7. 12-36 Guests

  8. Redundant systems, spares 

  9. Onboard machine shop

  10. Onboard medical clinic

  11. Advanced security​​

  12.  Certified heli ops

Expedition Explorer yacht
Full Displacement, High
Volume Global Yacht
Expedition Explorer yacht
Fast Expedition & Yacht Support (comparable to Damen Axe Bow)
Expedition Explorer yacht
Expedition Explorer yacht conversion
  1. Typically 50 to 65 meters (165 ft - 215 ft)
  2. Capable of 29-knots
  3. Cruises at 12-15 knots
  4. Under 500 GT
  5. Aluminum Hull
  6. Shallow draft
  7. Jet-drive or Shaft/Prop
  8. Range up to 5,000 nm.
  9. Dynamic Positioning (DP2)
  10. Endurance in excess of 20-days

  11. Redundant systems, spares 

  12. Toy/Dive and Sports heavy

  13. Advanced security

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