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Xplorer Yachts

On these projects, my role is to represent you,

as your owner’s representative and primary project manager in connection with the design, shipyard and vendor bidding, vessel purchase, and conversion/delivery of your expedition yacht.  

Your personal lifestyle needs to be incorporated into the yacht. Does it need a ‘work environment’ built in? How hard do you play and what are your hobbies and pursuits? You may have already done some of these steps- but this is how I usually work.

At the outset, I would want to review with you what the vessel mission is, as this is critical to all subsequent decisions. Basically, criteria such as where you want to operate the vessel (range, climate and endurance), with how many guests (crew), and what capabilities- such as helicopter (hangar and refuel), submersibles, security requirements, style and comfort levels required, etc.  The vessel profile will dictate what size and class of vessel is selected for the conversion. Your budget will also be a factor in deciding the size, the age of the vessel and system requirements (i.e. diesel electric).

Linking with the right naval architect at the outset is important. Initial fees for renderings and GA’s will normally cost anywhere from $30,000 upwards. With conversions, it is important to embrace the style of the original vessel and enhance and expand upon it, rather than try to turn it into something it is not.

Here’s an outline of my services:
• In the design phase: I will work closely with the naval architects and yourself to achieve the best design and engineering to meet your requirements. 
• Vessel selection and purchase: I will locate and and make preliminary assessments of all desirable vessels, including market valuations. Once a vessel is selected, I will act as your broker in negotiating the best purchase price and will oversee the survey process and the legal transfer and titling. I will liase with admiralty and legal counsel on the purchase transaction, including documentation, titling, re-flagging and assuring that all delivery items are satisfied. 
• Project coordination and management: I will liase between all parties as the owner’s representative. I will coordinate all project information moving between the owner and his naval architects, conversion shipyard and all subcontractors. It will be my job to ensure clear communication and complete understanding with all parties, and make sure there is satisfactory follow-up and adherence to schedules and deliverables. There will be a day-to-day project manager dedicated to this project who will be on-site full-time during the conversion of the vessel.
• Bidding of the conversion project and all prime subcontracts for key items, such as interior fabrication, painting, decking. I will also assist project manager(s) in keeping track of the vessels’ design details, system planning, security systems, and specialized mission equipment to ensure their successful operation at sea. Class Society inspections and approvals will also be monitored. 
• Fiscal oversight: I will closely monitor and review all payments and deliverables, including build milestones. We will set up an accounting and payment system that conforms to your requirements. 
• I will facilitate the realization of the owner’s mission when addressing regulatory issues, liaising with regulatory bodies, vessel management, and all factions in order to achieve the owner’s objectives.


We will be in touch.